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The Complete ConnectingFamily Experience

The way to enhance your memories with your family may be easier than you think. Take our full course ConnectingFamily experience!

Step One

Select a shirt set to wear with your loved one(s) or personalize some shirts to make a one-of-a-kind apparel to wear together

It can be for a special event, like a birthday or anniversary, or a casual hanging out together occasion as well!

Step Two

Capture your moments together with your phone or camera

Don't get caught up in just your selfie! Capture fun moments together in your matching shirts. The more that join in the fun, the better!

Step Three

Pick a Personalized Mug, pick a photo, upload and print as a good keepsake or gift!

With all the photos that we take, we often don't take the time to look through them all. But these moments are made to be remembered! So pick out a favorite photo (or two) and create your own customized mug. Then you'll have a happy memory to reminisce every time you use it.

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