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Connecting Families Through Fun

The people who bring love, joy and comfort in our lives, the person who has our back in our time of need are those we call family.

The times we spend with them - times of joy, celebration, remembrance, happiness, sadness, trials and hardships - and the memories we gather are some of the most precious gifts we have in our lifetime.

Our hopes is to bring a little life into those moments with creative gifts to share and spread with those we love, to make those moment all the more special.

A Must Accessory for All Babies! Personalized Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are an accessory worn by newborns or toddlers to protect their delicate skin from food, split, and drool. Not to mention, their clothes which is much harder to wash than a bib. Many babies - we're talking like 50% - spit-up regularly and this form of reflux is normal for infants. Babies also drool constantly starting at birth, so having spare bibs is also a must for prepared moms and dads.

Connecting-Family Personalized Baby Bibs

A good bib should be absorbent, fit comfortable on your baby and withstand constant washing. At Connecting-Family, we carry 3 different Baby Bibs to suit your needs - Heavy Weight, Super Soft, and Vapor Fleece that are all machine washable. Just make to remove the baby bib after the yummy meal to prevent transfer and possibly choking of suffocation while the baby plays.

Connecting-Family Baby Bib Types
So with baby bibs being a MUST accessory, treat your little one to something even better by customizing or personalizing a bib just for them. Maybe it can be for a special occasion, or make a really cute addition for a photo op for Instagram, Facebook or baby journal.

Personalization is really easy, as simple as a click and typing in your baby's name or nickname, so give it a try and create fun memories with your child. Better yet, for toddlers, ask them to choose and spend an afternoon customizing their very own with mommy!

Connecting-Family Personalized Baby Bibs

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