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Connecting Families Through Fun

The people who bring love, joy and comfort in our lives, the person who has our back in our time of need are those we call family.

The times we spend with them - times of joy, celebration, remembrance, happiness, sadness, trials and hardships - and the memories we gather are some of the most precious gifts we have in our lifetime.

Our hopes is to bring a little life into those moments with creative gifts to share and spread with those we love, to make those moment all the more special.

Infinite Possibilities, For Use and Design Personalized Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are blankets designed specifically for swaddling - they are large, thin and breathable to help moderate baby’s temperature. However, their versatility doesn't stop there. You can use them as blankets, play mats, extra large burp clothes, changing mats, tummy time mats, or liners for cots, cribs or mattresses. Some savvy moms may also use them as breastfeeding covers or stroller covers, too.

Connecting-Family Personalized Swaddle Blankets

With so many uses inside and outside, a personalized swaddle blanket may be just what you need to start a great conversation, or stand out from the other moms at your gathering. Make this versatile blanket for your baby and for yourself with just a few clicks and adding your precious baby's name. You won't regret it!

Connecting-Family Personalized Swaddle Blankets

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